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Why Trust Us As Your Pet's Veterinarian?

Dix Animal Hospital is staffed by only the best veterinary professionals. We work in tandem to give dogs, cats, and exotic pets we treat the best health outcomes possible.

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We have a strong focus on preventive healthcare

At Dix Animal Hospital, we steadfastly believe that prevention is key to maintaining our patients' long-term health and well-being. For this reason, we encourage our clients to maintain a schedule of regular vaccinations and wellness exams for their pets.

Wellness Exams

Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

Our vets really care about their loyal clients and lovable patients

Our veterinarians are serious about getting to know the animals they see, and their owners too! Our experienced and compassionate team makes a difference in the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Our Vets

We offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof. 

From their earliest days as young pups and kittens until their dignified senior years, Dix Animal Hospital offers all the veterinary care companion animals need to thrive. We are there for the annual exams, we're there to diagnose what ails them, we're there whenever they need surgery, and we are there for every step of the rehabilitation process.

Our Services

We are leaders in veterinary surgery in Southeast Michigan

Dix Animal Hospital is a trusted facility for dogs and cats when they need to go under the knife. In addition to following stringent surgical protocols that make every routine procedure exceptionally safe, we have the capability to offer more advanced surgical procedures that many GP vets would have to refer out for.

In particular, our medical director Dr. Rajbir Chandha has become our expert in orthopedic surgery, performing demanding reparative surgeries to help dogs with crippling injuries or disorders.


Orthopedic Surgery

We don't overcharge for walk-in or urgent care. 

Emergency Veterinary practices do essential and praiseworthy work, making veterinary care available 24/7 to help pets in need. Unfortunately, the costs associated with running such a hospital are most often passed onto the client, leading to potentially expensive walk-in appointment fees. At Dix Animal Hospital we welcome walk-in and urgent care patients for our regular rates during our business hours. We want to help pet owners however we can, and ensuring our affordable prices are available whenever we are is one way we do just that!

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Our in-house diagnostic lab provides quick results and treatment options.

Our veterinarians provide quality care to all of our patients; our cutting-edge in-house lab is one of our greatest tools for accomplishing this. We leverage the technologies inside to conduct diagnostic testing including radiography, ultrasounds, and EKGs with rapid accuracy. Earlier diagnosis most often leads to earlier, more effective treatment options.

Veterinary Laboratory

You can use our online pharmacy to renew your pet's prescriptions easily. 

At Dix Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer an online pharmacy to fill your furry friend's prescriptions quickly, easily, and safely. You'll enjoy the seamless veterinary experience, from prescription to order and pick up for both you and your pet.

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We're proud members of the Lincoln Park community. 

There's nowhere we would rather call home than Southeast Michigan, as part of our initiative to give back to the community which has given us so much, Dix Animal Hospital works with local shelters and rescue groups by providing discounts for our services to help rehouse animals in need of some love.

About Our Hospital

New Patients Welcome

Dix Animal Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Lincoln Park companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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