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Meet Our Team

The skilled veterinary team at Dix Animal Hospital are always available to provide exceptional care to pets.

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Administrative Staff

Lou, Lincoln Park Hospital Manager


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    Lou is our Hospital Manager and has been a member of the Dix Animal Hospital family since 2014. She has worked in the veterinary field for almost 10 years. In that time, she has gained experience in almost all aspects of a veterinary practice. A love of animals drove her to enter the field, and her ongoing desire to improve the lives of those around her, makes her a valued and proud addition to our team. Louanne has rescued and fostered many animals over the years, and she currently shares her home with Max, a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix.

Brittney, Lincoln Park Administrative Reception


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    Hi my name is Brittney and I work with the Administrative Reception team at Dix Animal Hospital.  I have been in veterinary medicine for 10 years. Prior to going into animal medicine, I worked as a pet groomer for several years, which I started as a young teen. I also spend time in other's homes taking care of their animals while they are away as a pet sitter. My love for animals is an undying passion.

    I look forward to helping as many animals as possible even outside of work, from picking up strays to taking home fosters. I have passed my love for animals to my children and also share that love with my spouse. Our home and hearts are filled with 4-legged love. 

Lisa, Lincoln Park Administrative Reception


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    Hi! My name is Lisa! I joined the team at Dix Animal Hospital as Administrative Reception in 2020. I started working in the Veterinary field in 1990, and absolutely love spending my workdays with all the patients and supporting my team! I have two adult sons, and a spoiled kitty, Maizy. During my free time, I enjoy long walks, movies, and the occasional concert. 

Kayla, Lincoln Park Administrative Reception


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    Hi, I'm Kayla and work in Administrative Reception. I grew up loving animals unconditionally. I have been caring for them since I was young, and I truly feel most satisfied when helping others with their pets. I will be going to college to become a veterinary technician, while also majoring in business management, to hopefully open my own clinic in the future. I joined the team at DAH in 2019 and I absolutely love it! When I’m not on the clock, I enjoy vacationing and spending time with my family. 

Makayla, Lincoln Park Administrative Reception


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    Hi, my name is Makayla. I've been with Dix Animal Hospital since 2020 in Administrative Reception. I have two dogs named Kodak and Kora, they are 3/4th German Shepard and 1/4th Great Pyrenees. They have the same parents and are sisters but from different liters! My parents live on a farm with two dogs, two goats, and fifteen+ chickens with more farm animals to come! I love spending my free time there and helping on their farm when I can. 

Veterinary Technicians

Amanda, Lincoln Park Veterinary Technician


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    My name is Amanda, I have been a tech at Dix Animal Hospital since 2017! I absolutely was made for this job. I am happiest when either at work or riding my motorcycle! I love softball/baseball and the Tigers! I also have a dog named Harley. I love treating the sick, assisting in surgery, and educating people who are new to the life of having an animal! I'm so excited to meet you and your fur babies! 

Aref, Lincoln Park Veterinary Technician


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    Hi, my name is Aref Alkhouli and I am a Surgery Technician. I was born in Syria but had to leave my country because war occurred. I went to Egypt and lived there for 4 years, where I was a Veterinarian. Then I had the opportunity to come to the USA. I was looking for a job, and at the same time trying to change my license to be a Veterinarian on my own.

    I found Dix Animal Hospital, and they offered me a job in the surgery room. The people here are very nice. They are helping me learn English, as well as teaching me new advances in veterinary medicine. I love and appreciate the opportunity to work with the team and to learn all the specialized surgeries Dix Animal Hospital offers.

Autumn, Lincoln Park Veterinary Technician


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    My name is Autumn. I am a Veterinary Technician and have worked in the veterinary field since 2018. I joined the Dix Animal Hospital family in July 2020 with aspirations of learning as much as I can while caring deeply for all animals. I've loved animals since I was a kid; I grew up with rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs for pets. I plan to attend Michigan State University for veterinary school after undergrad, but in the meantime, catch me playing with my maltipoo, Prince! 

Sue, Lincoln Park Veterinary Technician


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    Hi! My name is Susan Affholter. I have been working at Dix Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician with Dr. Chadha for 12 years. My love for animals since I was a child has driven me to happily pursue this career. I enjoy having the opportunity to focus on the needs of our clients and their beloved pets with education and compassion every day. And like to help with any client that comes in with an exotic pet as I have had several over the years. I am a proud mom of 3 daughters, 2 stepsons, 2 rescue dogs named combo (shihtzu/maltese mix) and Sula (collie mix) and a cat named Tic Tac (torti). When I'm not at work, I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, home improvement projects, and just relaxing in the yard tending to the garden

Veterinary Assistants

Liz, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hello! My name is Liz. I have been a veterinary assistant at Dix Animal Hospital since February of 2019 and have loved every minute of it. You will more than likely find me cuddling all of the pets.

Gabby, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hello, my name is Gabby. I began working at Dix Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant in 2020 during the summer and my free weekends. I am studying to be a future Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University. I am lucky to work with such a talented team, where I can apply my learned knowledge and also be inspired by the immense knowledge of our doctors here.

    I have a love for small animal practice, where I can create a personal relationship with each sweet pet and owner, and also a love for shelter medicine. My family just adopted a 7-year-old Pomeranian named Sebastian and he is our world. There is truly nothing like bringing a better life to an animal in need and accepting their non-judgmental, unconditional love in return. I try to bring this passion into every day at work.

Sara, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hi, my name is Sara and I am a Veterinary Assistant at Dix Animal Hospital! I grew up volunteering at shelters, and that is when I knew working with animals was my passion. Once I got a bit older, I started working with an amazing rescue, where I worked for 4 years. Now I’m working my dream job, and couldn’t ask for anything better! 

Tammy, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    My name is Tammy, I've been with Dix Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant since July of 2020. I'm new to the field but I promise to love and care for your pets as if they were my own. I'm a mom of two boys and a Belgian Shepherd named Josie. If I'm not loving on your animals at work, I'm either hanging with my boys and mom, working in my garden or playing with my dog Josie.

Beth, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hi, my name is Beth and I work as a Veterinary Assistant at Dix Animal Hospital!  I recently left teaching to pursue my passion, a career in veterinary medicine.  I am dedicated to making your pet feel safe and comfortable while in my care. Además, si necesitas hablar en Español sobre tu mascota, puedo ayudarte. Viví en Panamá por cinco años.

Paige, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hello, and welcome! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help you and your furry loved one have a long and healthy relationship as a Veterinary Assistant at Dix Animal Hospital. I believe in a Fear Free experience, Animals are beautiful beings with a high level of intelligence and sensitivity. I Have made a promise to treat EVERY animal as my own, and every client as family. Come see us and we can show you how we care at Dix Animal Hospital. 

Maria, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hi!!! My name is Maria Afre. I moved here from Mexico in 2015. I started working at DAH as a Veterinary Assistant in December of 2020 after I finished my externship. I am really happy I could start working in what I love at DAH. I have 5 babies. My two dogs Terry and Cancer and my three cats Happy, Gigi and Haru. They are so important to me and I can't imagine my life without them. I will give my best effort to help every pet to have a happy and healthy quality of life.

    Hola mi nombre es Maria Afre. Me mudé aquí desde Mexico en 2015. Comencé a trabajar en DAH en Diciembre 2020 después de terminar mis prácticas como asistente veterinaria. Estoy muy feliz de poder empezar a trabajar en lo que amo en DAH. Tengo 5 bebés. Mis dos perritos Terry y Cancer y mis tres gatitos Happy, Gigi y Haru. Ellos son muy importantes para mí y no me imagino mi vida sin ellos. Yo haré mi mayor esfuerzo para ayudar a cada mascotita a tener una feliz y saludable calidad de vida.  

Krystal, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hello, my name is Krystal and I'm a Veterinary Assistant at Dix Animal Hospital.  I've been working with animals for over 7 years.  I have 2 fur babies.  Arlo the boxer and Anya the great dane.  I've had animals my entire life and view pet health care as very important.  I will definitely give your animal all the love, care and attention he/she deserves.  In my free time I love to paint,  write,  sing and travel with my husband.  Oi tudo bem? Se você fala português eu adoraria te ajudar. Estou aprendendo há 11 anos. 

Jacob, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hello, my name is Jacob and I'm a Veterinary Assistant at Dix Animal Hospital. I love working with animals of all shapes and sizes. In the past, I’ve worked on a farm with horses, cows, and pigs. I’ve also spent time volunteering at Michigan Humane Society animal shelters working with dogs and cats and other small animals. I am currently applying to veterinary universities and hope to become a full Doctor of Veterinary Medicine within the next 5 to 6 years. I am the owner of a beautiful husky mix who is my constant friend and companion.

Hailey, Lincoln Park Veterinary Assistant


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    Hi, I’m Hailey, a Veterinary Assistant at Dix Animal Hospital! I’ve grown up around animals so caring for them has always been a passion of mine. I truly believe I have the best job in the world. I can’t wait to meet you and your fur babies! 

Kennel Staff

Cassie, Lincoln Park Kennel Supervisor


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    My name is Cassie. I am the kennel supervisor at the 'Dix Inn'. I have a strong passion for taking care of animals. I also help DAH at the rehab center by providing hydrotherapy to all patients recovering from orthopedic surgery, etc. I look forward to seeing you and your furbaby at DAH.

Maddy, Lincoln Park Kennel Assistant


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    Hi! My name is Maddy and I have been working at DAH as a Kennel Assistant since May of 2020. I attend MSU for zoology and hope to go to veterinary school after and be in the animal medicine field for the rest of my life! I have a fur baby of my own, a golden retriever named Allie. I also have a snake named Draco and have had all pets imaginable growing up. I am so lucky to be a part of the amazing team here and be able to expand my knowledge every day! I look forward to meeting you and your four-legged family! 

Maddi, Lincoln Park Kennel Assistant


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    Hi! My name is Madison and I'm a Kennel Assistant. I have a huge passion for all animals big and small. I have worked in the animal industry since 2018. Being able to care for and help out so many fur babies just makes my day. I wouldn't change my job for anything!


Lee, Lincoln Park Groomer


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    Hi, my name is Lee Nagy. I'm the groomer at Dix Animal Hospital and have been since 2007. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed spending time with my pets. I would teach them tricks, give them baths and trim the hair from their eyes, etc. I have had a variety of pets through the years, from cats, dogs and rabbits, to mice and lizards. I currently have a rescue dog named combo, simply because he is a mixed breed ( shih-tzu/maltese). I also have a cat named Tic-Tac, because she was so tiny when I found her. I simply just enjoy all their furry little personalities.

    I am the only groomer at Dix Animal Hospital so an appointment is needed. Also, our facility does not accommodate large breeds for grooming but we do for boarding. I'm always available to speak to a client about their needs and wants for their fur babies. I can never stress enough how important grooming is for your pet's health. A clean/healthy pet is a very happy pet

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